Get Slim for Summer has come to an end, and if you transformed your life physically with us, you may be wondering how you can maintain your results. We’ve got you covered!

Use a Lifestyle Kit.

If you’re ready to transition from the Transformation Kit, it’s time to choose a Lifestyle Kit! If your primary goal using the Transformation Kit was to lose weight, you may like the Weight Management Kit, which is designed to give you the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy weight long-term. There are also the Alkalinity Kit and the Energy Kit, which are (as you may guess) designed to help you focus on a healthy body pH and enjoy more energy, respectively.

Have a different health goal in mind? Try the Create-Your-Own Kit, which allows you to choose 175 CV of your favorite Yoli products, craft your own meal plan based on your individual goals, and enjoy a 10% discount. No matter what your health goals are, there’s a Lifestyle Kit that will help you reach them!

Develop your healthy decisions into habits.

Once you’ve selected your Lifestyle Kit, work hard to develop the healthy behaviors you’ve adopted into iron-clad habits. The more automatic your healthy behaviors are, the easier it will be to overcome obstacles and temptations that you encounter. You can learn about using motivation to create long-term habits here.


While your diet will play the biggest role in maintaining your results, exercise can also have a big impact. In addition to burning calories, it will help you build and maintain lean muscle. If you’re not currently exercising, we recommend starting slow to give your body time to adapt and building up to working out 35-40 minutes three to five times each week.

Make sleep a priority.

Sleep may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about maintaining a healthy weight, but it’s important because research has shown a correlation between a lack of adequate sleep and weight gain.

This study suggests that insufficient sleep leads your body to make more ghrelin, a hormone that signals your brain that it’s time to eat, and suppresses the amount of leptin, which signals your brain that you’re full. This can make it more difficult to sustain healthy habits, so we recommend getting between seven and nine hours of sleep each night. To ensure a good night’s sleep, try using Dream!


Working toward optimal health is an ongoing journey, so use these tips to maintain and build upon what you’ve accomplished. For more information about transforming your life physically, subscribe to the blog and check out our Facebook page!

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